Website Design

Domain Names and Website Hosting

Whether you have a domain name and hosting already or neither of these things just yet, we can help you set all that up in no time at all, whilst explaining the process to you easily without using all of the technical terminology involved.

Updating and Maintaining your Website

We can also make it possible for you to update your own website or you can leave it to us to maintain.

Unique Website Design

Every website that we create is designed from scratch, the website design is bespoke, so every part of it is designed to the client's specifications. Some clients know exactly what they require down to the exact shade of colour to be used, some clients have a great idea and leave the rest to us.

Launching your Website

Once your website is completed, it needs to be accessed on all types of internet browser device in the world today. This includes visibility on iPads, iPhones and all types of web browser (Mac/PC). We will advise on this and also on the use of Flash animation - if requested.

Featured Websites

Here are just several website designs from our collection.


Client: TV, Film and Stage actor Richard Mylan

Work: A website that looks slick and yet displays information easily. Video and images were the main event here. There is also a mobile version of this website which works well on all types of mobile device. Website is also updated by PixelStar Design.


Client: Drummer for Jamiroquai, Music Writer, Producer and DJ

Work: A clean and slick website that displays information easily whilst looking good too. The website had to be able to work on all kinds of browser and display music and video too. A Twitter feed has also been added into the layout. Website is also updated by PixelStar Design.


Client: Agents for professional performers in Theatre, Film and Television.

Work: A slick, professional website where both actors, actresses, dancers and creatives can be showcased in a gallery that also launches their resumes. Information must be easily accessible at all times. Website is also updated by PixelStar Design.

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